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Compliance Advisories and Enforcement Alerts

The sortable table below contains links to Compliance Advisories and Enforcement Alerts issued by the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance since September 1, 2019, as well as a subset of historic Compliance Advisories, Compliance Alerts and Enforcement Alerts. These historic documents are included here because they may still contain some useful information. Any given Advisory or Alert is reflective of the agency requirements and priorities at the time of publication. Importantly, some requirements and priorities may have changed. As always, you should look at the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Advisories and Enforcement Alerts address select provisions of EPA regulatory requirements using plain language. Nothing in a Compliance Advisory or Enforcement Alert is meant to replace or revise any EPA regulatory provisions or any other part of the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, or applicable statutes. For more information, visit Compliance.

Compliance Advisories and Enforcement Alerts issued by the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

Year Statute Title
2020 CWA Federal Facility Compliance Under EPA’s National Compliance Initiative to Reduce Significant Noncompliance with CWA NPDES Permits
2020 CAA Aftermarket Defeat Devices and Tampering are Illegal and Undermine Vehicle Emissions Controls
2020 CWA Compliance Concerns Associated with Increasing Oil Storage
2020 FIFRA EPA Regulations About UV Lights that Claim to Kill or Be Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria
2020 CWA Clean Water Agencies Increasing Attention to Significant Non-Compliance Dischargers
2020 RCRA EPA Enforcement Alert National Compliance Initiative Focus on RCRA Air Emissions
2020 FIFRA What You Need to Know Regarding Products Making Claims to Kill the Coronavirus Causing COVID-19
2019 CAA EPA Observes Air Emissions from Natural Gas Gathering Operations in Violation of the Clean Air Act
2019 AHERA Managing Asbestos in Schools
2018 RCRA Reduction of Hazardous Waste Air Emissions
2018 TSCA EPA Enforces Lead Paint Laws to Protect Human Health, Ensure Renovators Comply with Requirements, and Promote Level Playing Field
2017 FIFRA Crop Damage Complaints Related to Dicamba Herbicides Raising Concerns
2015 CAA EPA Observes Air Emissions from Controlled Storage Vessels at Onshore Oil and Natural Gas Production Facilities
2015 CAA Anhydrous Ammonia at Refrigeration Facilities Under Scrutiny by U.S. EPA
2014 FIFRA Pesticide Import Watch Newsletter Volume 14, Number 1 July 2014
2013 CWA EPA Targets Clean Water Act Crimes ‐ Illegal Pollution by Animal Confinement Operations Punished by Fines and Incarceration
2013 CAA Manufacturers of Highway Motorcycles and Nonroad Vehicles and Engines Fall Short of Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements
2012 CAA EPA Enforcement Targets Flaring Efficiency Violations
2012 FIFRA Pesticide Import Watch Newsletter Volume 11, Number 1 August 2012
2011 CAA New Vehicle Testing Technology Makes Inspection Fraud Easier to Detect, Spurs Increased EPA Criminal Enforcement
2011 TSCA Cracking Down on Violators of Lead-Based Paint Laws
2010 TSCA Compliance with New Federal Lead-Based Paint Requirements
2009 CAA EPA Steps Up Enforcement Against Illegal Mini-Trucks
2008 RCRA Don't Let Those Tanks Leak
2008 EPCRA Failure to Report Chemical Risks Can Result in Major Fines
2007 CAA EPA Enforcement Reduces Threat from Polyvinyl Chloride Manufacturing Plants
2006 CWA EPA Enforcement: Preventing Backup of Municipal Sewage into Basements
2006 CAA EPA Enforcing Stringent Standards for All Nonroad Engines
2005 CAA Many Scooters And Off-road Motorcycle Imports Fail To Meet EPA Standards
2004 CAA Schools Learn to Protect Students, Staff From Exposure to Asbestos Hazards
2004 RCRA Mismanagement of Laboratory Waste Creates Risk of Serious Injury
2003 CWA EPA Strategically Addressing Raw Sewage Discharges Across Nation to Protect Public, Environment
2003 SDWA Federal Court in California Finds Owners-Operators of Public Water Systems Liable for SDWA Violations; Places Eight Systems in Receivership
2003 RCRA Financial Assurance Requirements: A Fundamental Compliance Obligation
2002 CWA EPA Addresses Pollutants in Stormwater through Systematic Enforcement Strategy
2002 EPCRA EPCRA/CERCLA: Hazardous Chemical Releases Above Certain Quantities Must Be Reported to Authorities
2001 CWA EPA Finding Many Industrial Dischargers Failing to Obtain Storm Water Permits as Law Requires
2000 CWA Clean Water Act Prohibits Sewage Bypass
2000 CWA US EPA Focusing Enforcement Efforts on Oil Spill Violations
2000 CAA Frequent, Routine Flaring May Cause Excessive, Uncontrolled Sulfur Dioxide Release
2000 CAA Enforcement Alert EPA Steps up Enforcement of Diesel, Gasoline Nonroad Engine Imports
2000 RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Practices at Mineral Processing Facilities Under Scrutiny by U.S. EPA (Bevill Exclusion)
2000 RCRA Foundry Industry's Hazardous Waste Management of Major Concern to U.S. EPA
2000 EPCRA Facilities May Have Annual Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Requirements for Nitrate Compounds
2000   EPA’s ‘Audit Policy’ Offers Opportunity for Telecommunications Industry to Remedy Violations
2000   U.S. EPA Encourages Iron and Steel ‘Minimills’ to Self Audits to Address Noncompliance with Environmental Requirements
2000   Universities, Colleges Not Receiving Top Marks for Environmental Compliance
1999 CWA EPA Takes Enforcement Action Against Violators Who Ditch Wetlands and Channelize Streams
1999 SDWA Enforcement Alert EPA Settles First SDWA Penalty Case Against Federal Facility for $900,000
1999 RCRA Petroleum Refineries: Compliance with RCRA Requirements Critical to Protecting Public Health, Environment
1998 CAA Clean Air Act Prohibits “Defeat Devices” in Vehicles, Engines
1998 TSCA EPA Takes Actions Against Violators of Lead Paint Disclosure Rule
1998 FIFRA Pesticide Labels Must Warn Workers of Health Risks