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EPA in Illinois

S.H. Bell Chicago Air Monitoring Data

EPA has required environmental air monitoring of the S.H. Bell Company facility in Chicago, Ill.

Monitor Locations

Monitoring Site ID Approximate Location Monitoring Equipment
Northing Easting
S1 41.708239 -87.544058 BAM-1020 monitor for PM10 (Continuous FEM)
S2 41.710553 -87.539204 BAM-1020 monitor for PM10 (Continuous FEM)
S3 41.710552 -87.542043 BAM-1020 monitor for PM10 (Continuous FEM)
Agilaire 8872 Datalogger
S4 41.711541 -87.539607 BAM-1020 monitor for PM10 (Continuous FEM)
Two (2) Tisch Environmental HiVol 6070 DVBL
Filter-Based FRM PM10 Monitors
41.709841 -87.540376 Meteorological monitors (Climatronics: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Data Logger)

Placement of the monitors is illustrated in the map below. Click on the map to view a larger image.

Air monitor placement at S.H. Bell Chicago facility - March 2017

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Air Monitor Data

EPA has developed various pollution and wind roses with the March 1, 2017, through June 30, 2017, air monitoring data.
View the S.H. Bell Chicago Pollution Roses.
  • A wind rose is a diagram that shows the distribution of wind direction over a period of time.
  • A pollution rose is a graphical display of wind direction frequency for winds having certain amounts of a particulates.
  • Additional information on wind and pollution roses. (Air Pollution Control Orientation Course Unit 3 Air Pollution Meteorology, p. 48)

Continuous Hourly PM10 Data
From the FEM PM10 Monitors

S1 S2 S3 S4
Air monitor data from S.H. Bell facility in Chicago, Ill.
March 2017 - July 2020

FEM Continuous Hourly PM10 Data - July 2020(11 MB)

Month Filter-based Monitor (S4) Data From the FRM Monitor
March 2017 - July 2020 Filter-based Monitor (S4) Data From the FRM Monitor(256 K)

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Meteorological data from S.H. Bell facility in Chicago, Ill.
Date Meteorological Data (EMS)
March 2017 Meteorological data - March 2017 (csv)(1 pg, 50 K)
April 2017 SH Bell Chicago April 2017 MET Data (xls)(5 pp, 58 K, June 5, 2017)
May 2017 S.H. Bell Chicago May 2017 MET Data (XLSX)(1 pg, 59 K)
June 2017 S.H. Bell Chicago June 2017 MET Data (XLSX)(1 pg, 58 K)
July 2017 S.H. Bell Chicago July 2017 MET Data (1 pg, 60 K)
August 2017 S.H. Bell August 2017 MET data(5 pp, 60 K)
September 2017 S.H. Bell September 2017 MET data(3 pp, 58 K)
October 2017 Meteorological Data (EMS) October 2017(5 pp, 59 K)
November 2017 Meteorological Data (EMS) November 2017(5 pp, 58 K)
December 2017 Meteorological Data (EMS) December 2017(5 pp, 59 K)
January 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) January 2018(5 pp, 59 K)
February 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) February 2018(5 pp, 55 K)
March 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) March 2018(5 pp, 59 K)
April 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) April 2018(5 pp, 58 K)
May 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) May 2018(5 pp, 60 K)
June 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) June 2018(5 pp, 58 K)
July 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) July 2018(5 pp, 59 K)
August 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) August 2018(64 K)
September 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) September 2018(56 K)
October 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) October 2018(59 K)
November 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) November 2018(56 K)
December 2018 Meteorological Data (EMS) December 2018(58 K)
January 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) January 2019(58 K)
February 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) February 2019(54 K)
March 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) March 2019(58 K)
April 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) April 2019(57 K)
May 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) May 2019(59 K)
June 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) June 2019(57 K)
July 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) July 2019(59 K)
August 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) August 2019(59 K)
September 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) September 2019(57 K)
October 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) October 2019(58 K)
November 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) November 2019(57 K)
December 2019 Meteorological Data (EMS) December 2019(58 K)
January 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) January 2020(58 K)
February 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) February 2020(55 K)
March  2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) March 2020(58 K)
April 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) April 2020(57 K)
May 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) May 2020(58 K)
June 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) June 2020(57 K)
July 2020 Meteorological Data (EMS) July 2020(58 K)

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