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New Source Review (NSR) Permitting

Emissions Offsets

Date Title EPA Office Author
12/22/2000 Order Responding to Borden Chemicals, Inc. in Geismar, LA Administrator Browner, Carol
03/17/1977 Response to Action Memorandum - Policy for New Sources in Non-Attainment Areas, Hampton Roads Oil Refinery OAR

Tuerk, Edward


RACT and Emission Reduction Credits Issues

OAQPS Seitz, John
05/16/1977 Emissions Offset Policy - City of Philadelphia SSCD Reich, Edward
04/14/1980 Federal Enforceability of Offsets in SIP Programs OAR Hawkins, David
05/22/1986 Use of Banked ERC's as Both External Offsets and Reasonable Further Progress Reductions CPDD Tyler, Darryl
02/28/1992 Response to Request for EPA's Interpretation of Several Provisions of the Clean Air Act OAR Rosenberg, William
07/21/1993 Use of Shutdown Credits for Offsets OAQPS Seitz, John
06/14/1994 Offsets Required Prior to Permit Issuance OAQPS Seitz, John
08/26/1994 Response to Request for Guidance on Use of Pre-1990 ERC' s and Adjusting for RACT at Time of Use OAQPS Seitz, John
05/01/2018 Technical Guidance for Demonstration of Inter-Precursor Trading (IPT) for Ozone in the Nonattainment New Source Review Program OAQPS Air Quality Assessment Division
10/04/1978 Interpretation of Section 52.21(i)(5) of the PSD Regulations SSCD Reich, Edward
03/26/1987 Request For Guidance in Drafting a SIP Deficiency Notice For Michigan's Nonattainment New Source Review Program CPDD Tyler, Darryl
07/21/2011 Revised Interpollutant Trading Policy for PM2.5 OAR McCarthy, Gina
02/08/2019 First Quality Tissue's Interprecursor Trade Region 3 Fernandez, Cristina
02/17/1983 Emissions Trading Policy -- Technical Clarifications OAQPS Meyers, Sheldon
09/12/1995 Response to Specific Questions on Interstate Trading and New Source Review (NSR) Under the Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions Budget Concept OAQPS Seitz, John
05/03/2001 Indiana's NOx SIP Rules OAQPS Seitz, John
11/03/1977 Offset Credit; G. M. Plant, Shreveport, LA SSCD Reich, Edward
02/24/1981 Source Applicability Under the Interpretative Ruling SSCD Reich, Edward
04/04/2007 Availability of Emission Offset Credits from Cinergy's Noblesville Station Region 5 Rothblatt, Stephen
12/16/1994 Emission Offset Requirements and The Replacement of Ozone Depleting Compounds with VOCs OAQPS Seitz, John
05/06/1983 Applicability Determination for Delco Products in Dayton, Ohio SSCD Reich, Edward
03/28/1978 Jewell Coal And Coke Company - Applicability Of Condition 2 Of The Interpretative Ruling SSCD Reich, Edward
09/01/2011 NSR Interpollutant Offset Ratio Letter Region 5 Newton, Cheryl
09/15/1977 Interpretation of Offset Policy SSCD Reich, Edward
06/17/1977 Response to Letter Requesting Clarification on Determination that the "Emission Offset" Ruling (41 FR 55525) Does Not Apply to FEA's Choctaw Salt Dome Project OAQPS Barber, Walter
02/14/2006 Creditability of Shutdown Offsets at Sonoco Flexible Packaging Region 5 Rothblatt, Stephen
03/10/1980 Emission Offset Requirements in Secondary Standard Total Suspended Particulate Plans OAR Hawkins, David
05/06/1977 Response to Request for Determination as to whether EPA's "Emission Offset" Policy (41 FR 55525) Applies to FEA's Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program OAQPS Barber, Walter
10/08/1981 PSD Equivalency of Proposed Model Rule for California OAQPS Barber, Walter
05/24/1994 Response to Letter on the Use of Sulfur Dioxide Allowances Allocated Under the Acid Rain Program Region 5 Rothblatt, Stephen
02/27/1979 Policy Decisions With Regard To The Applicability Of The Clean Air Act Requirements To The Strategic Petroleum Reserve OAR Hawkins, David
09/18/1978 Response to Question on whether the Combustion of Municipal Sewage Sludge would Qualify as "Municipal Solid Waste" under the Exemption Provided in Section IV.B. of the Draft Changes to EPA's Emission Offset Interpretive Ruling OAQPS Berry, D. Kent
03/14/1997 New Source Offset Against Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program OE Legro, Stanley
06/01/1992 New York's SIP for NSR Region 2 Simon, Conrad
07/28/1978 When is a Source Required to Undergo Review For Both Offsets and PSD OE Durning, Marvin
12/12/1995 EPA's Revised Policy with Respect to the New Source Review (NSR) Offset Provisions in Attainment, Marginal and Moderate Ozone Nonattainment Areas in the Ozone Transport Region (OTR) Region 2 Simon, Conrad
04/02/1979 Enforceability Requirements under Condition 2 of the Emission Offset Policy SSCD Reich, Edward
  Offsets in Non-classifiable Areas OAQPS Lillis, Ed and Helms, G. Tom
10/11/1985 Acceptability of Emission Offsets OAQPS Bauman, Robert
03/16/1979 Position Regarding Concurrent Review Under PSD and the Offset Policy SSCD Reich, Edward
01/31/1989 Response to Question Regarding the Use of the Growth Allowance Contained in Part D SIPs Under the CAA for Areas Included in the Post 1987 SIP Call Region 4 Miller, Bruce
05/18/1998 Clarification of Statement of a Memorandum Entitled "Crediting of MACT Emission Reductions for NSR Netting and Offsets" OAQPS Seitz, John
03/14/2000 Mobile Emission Reduction Credits Region 9 Howekamp, David
12/30/1977 Offset Requirements for U.S. Steel's Fairfield Modernization OE Wilson, Richard
04/13/1977 Emission Offset Policy SSCD Rasnic, John
03/17/1989 Letter Regarding the Offset Exemption for Resource Recovery Facilities in Part 231of the New York SIP Region 2 Simon, Conrad
04/11/1978 Offset Policy - Marathon Oil Company, Garyville, Louisiana SSCD Reich, Edward
07/15/1977 Interpretative Ruling: Allowable Emissions Baseline OAQPS Barber, Walter
04/08/1977 Response to Question Concerning whether the Requirements for Preconstruction Review of New or Modified Air Pollution Sources Apply to the Relocation of an Existing Asphalt Concrete Plant when such Relocation does not Result in any Increase in Emissions OAQPS Barber, Walter
11/12/1997 Crediting of MACT Emission Reductions for NSR Netting and Offsets OAQPS Seitz, John
01/01/2004 January 2004 Guidance on Using Locomotive and Truck Idling Emission Reductions for Offsets OAQPS Mayer, Nancy
12/28/1988 Emission Offset Exemptions for RRFs OAQPS Emison, Gerald
02/27/1979 Emission Offset Policy - Determination of Replacement Facility SSCD Reich, Edward
10/26/1983 Closures and Curtailments For Offsets Region 9 Howekamp, David
06/13/1978 Impact of Secondary Emissions in NSRs OAR Hawkins, David
08/26/1981 Letter Addressing EPA's Requirements for Nonattainment Areas SSCD Reich, Edward
06/19/1986 Issuance of Permit to Operate Several Air Pollution Sources Operated by AM General Corporation Region 5 Kee, David
11/29/1978 National Asphalt Pavement Association Questions and Answers on PSD CPDD Tyler, Darryl

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