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Pesticide Registration

Reduced Risk and Organophosphate Alternative Decisions for Conventional Pesticides

Updated June 2018

Reduced risk pesticides are described in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA section 3(c)(10)), which establishes an expedited review for applications for registration and amendments to registrations for pesticides that "may reasonably be expected to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Reduce the risks of pesticides to human health.
  • Reduce the risks of pesticides to nontarget organisms.
  • Reduce the potential for contamination of groundwater, surface water or other valued environmental resources.
  • Broaden the adoption of integrated pest management strategies, or make such strategies more available or more effective."

Pesticide Registration Notice 97-3, Guidelines for Expedited Review of Conventional Pesticides under the Reduced-Risk Initiative and for Biological Pesticides, describes the review process and lists characteristics of acceptable and unacceptable submissions for the reduced-risk initiative.

OP alternative status is described in PR Notice 98-7, Changes to Registration Priority System Involving OP Alternatives and Reduced-Risk Candidates. OP alternative status was not considered by the Reduced Risk Program for conventional pesticides until FY 1999.

Information about the Table Contents

Pesticide Type

  • F= fungicide,
  • H= herbicide,
  • I= insecticide,
  • PGR= plant growth regulator,
  • Re= repellent,
  • Ro= rodenticide

Reduced Risk/OP alternative:

  • RR=reduced risk,
  • OP Alt.=organophosphate alternative

New active ingredient reduced risk/OP alternative actions are  indicated by italics in the "Chemical" column.

Registrant Pesticide Type Chemical Site Reduced Risk OP Alt Registration Date* Completion FY
Bayer CropScience I Flupyradifurone Stone fruit, avocado, pomegranate, ornamentals, greenhouse vegetables RR 12/1/15 2016
ISK Biosciences Corporation I Cyclaniliprole Pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts, grapes, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, Brassica vegetables, cucurbit vegetables RR 1/12/2017 2017
Dow I Hexaflumuron below-ground bait station (termites) RR 3/10/1994 1994
RJ Advantage Re Methyl Anthranilate cherry, blueberry, grape, forestry RR 9/16/1994 1994
Valent H Flumiclorac-pentyl corn, soybean RR 11/18/1994 1995
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide walnut RR 5/15/1995 1995
Sankyo F Hymexazol sugar beet (seed treatment) RR 8/4/1995 1995
Novartis F Fludioxonil corn RR 10/5/1995 1996
American Cyanamid H Imazapic peanut RR 3/5/1996 1996
Novartis F Mefenoxam all metalaxyl uses RR 3/5/1996 1996
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin non-residential turf RR 2/7/1997 1997
Dow I Spinosad cotton RR 2/18/1997 1997
Novartis H Alpha-metolachlor all metolachlor uses RR 3/14/1997 1997
American Cyanamid H Imazamox soybean RR 5/23/1997 1997
Dow I Hexaflumuron above ground bait stations (termites) RR 5/21/1997 1997
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin grape, banana, peach, tomato, pecan, peanut RR 6/3/1997 1997
Novartis F Fludioxonil potato RR 10/10/1997 1998
Novartis F Fludioxonil seed treatments (brassica leafy veg., bulb veg., cereal grains, cotton, cucurbit veg., foliage of legume veg., fruiting veg., grass, herbs and spices, leafy veg., leaves and roots of tuber veg., legume veg., non-grass animal feeds, peanut, rape seed, root and tuber veg., sunflower) RR 10/10/1997 1998
Ensystex I Diflubenzuron below ground bait station (termite) RR 1/28/1998 1998
Novartis F Cyprodinil stone fruit RR 4/10/1998 1998
Dow AgroSciences I Spinosad almond, apple, citrus, brassica leafy veg., fruiting veg., leafy veg. RR 4/15/1998 1998
Valent I Pyriproxyfen cotton RR 6/18/1998 1998
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide pecan RR 6/1/1998 1998
FMC H Carfentrazone-ethyl wheat, corn RR 9/23/1998 1998
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin turf (residential) RR 10/1/1998 1999
BASF H Diflufenzopyr corn RR 1/28/1999 1999
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin almond, cucurbit veg, rice, wheat RR 3/17/1999 1999
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin canola, potato, stone fruit RR 3/17/1999 1999
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide leafy veg., brassica leafy veg, fruiting veg. RR/OP Alt. 4/14/1999 1999
Valent I Pyriproxyfen pome fruit, walnut RR/OP Alt. 4/14/1999 1999
Monsanto H Glyphosate glyphosate-tolerant corn, canola, sugar beet RR 4/14/1999 1999
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide cranberry RR/OP Alt. 4/20/1999 1999
BASF H s-Dimethenamid corn, soybean, peanut RR 5/10/1999 1999
Dow AgroSciences I Spinosad sweet corn RR/OP Alt. 5/26/1999 1999
Bayer/Tomen F Fenhexamid grape, strawberry, ornamentals RR 5/28/1999 1999
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide forestry, ornamentals RR/OP Alt. 6/16/1999 1999
IR-4 I Tebufenozide berry crop group, mint RR/OP Alt. 6/18/1999 1999
Uniroyal I Bifenazate ornamentals RR/OP Alt. 6/24/1999 1999
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide pome fruit, cotton RR/OP Alt. 7/21/1999 1999
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide sugarcane RR/OP Alt. 9/22/1999 1999
Dow AgroSciences I Spinosad cucurbit veg., stone fruit, legume veg, cereal grains RR/OP Alt. 9/23/1999 1999
Novartis F Trifloxystrobin pome fruit, grape, cucurbit veg., peanut, turf, banana, ornamentals RR 9/27/1999 1999
Rhone-Poulenc I Fipronil outside home use (termite) OP Alt. 9/28/1999 1999
Novartis I Pymetrozine tuberous and corm veg., ornamentals, tobacco RR/OP Alt. 9/29/1999 1999
IR-4 I Tebufenozide turnip, canola RR 9/29/1999 1999
Valent I Pyriproxyfen citrus, fruiting veg., tree nuts RR/OP Alt. 10/21/1999 2000
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide ornamentals (residential) RR/OPAlt. 11/12/1999 2000
GMJA (Tropicana) H/I/PGR Ecolyst orange RR 12/30/1999 2000
Elanco I Spinosad non-grass animal feed crop group, grain amaranth, cilantro, grass, buckwheat, rye, pistachio, oat, barley, millet, apple, popcorn, ti leaves, watercress, tropical fruit, teosinte, turnip greens RR/OP Alt. 1/12/2000 2000
Bayer/Tomen F Fenhexamid almond, stone fruit RR 4/13/2000 2000
BASF H/PGR Prohexadione calcium apple RR 5/3/2000 2000
Rohm & Haas I Tebufenozide tree nuts RR/OP Alt. 5/10/2000 2000
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide cotton, pome fruit RR/OP Alt. 6/12/2000 2000
Novartis F Trifloxystrobin almond, fruiting veg., hops, potato, sugar beet, wheat, ornamentals RR 7/18/2000 2000
FMC H Carfentrazone-ethyl cereal grains RR 8/9/2000 2000
Novartis I Pymetrozine cucurbit veg, fruiting veg. RR/OP Alt. 8/9/2000 2000
AgrEvo I Buprofezin cucurbit veg., head lettuce RR/OP Alt. 8/31/2000 2000
Nihon Nohyaku America, Inc I Fenpyroximate ornamentals (greenhouse) RR/OP Alt. 9/29/2000 2000
DuPont I Indoxacarb cotton, fruiting veg., brassica leafy veg., lettuce, sweet corn, pome fruit RR/OP Alt. 9/29/2000 2000
Bayer H Flucarbazone-sodium wheat RR 9/29/2000 2000
IR-4 H Glyphosate animal feed, non-grass group (exc. alfalfa); aloe vera; ambarella; artichoke, globe; bamboo shoots; betelnut; biriba; blimbe; borage, seed; buffalo gourd; chaya; crambe, seed; custard apple; dokudami; epazote; feijoa; flax; foliage of legume veg.; galangal root; ginger, white (flower); Governor’s plum; gow kee leaves; grass, forage, fodder and hay group; herb and spices group; hops; ilama; imbe; imbu; jojoba (seed); juneberry; kava (root); kenaf; leafy veg.; leaves of root and tuber veg.; lesquerella (seed); leucaena; lingonberry; meadowform (seed); mioga (flower); mustard seed; okra; oregano, Mexican (leaves); palm heart; palm oil; papaya, Mountain papaya; pawpaw; pepper leaf; perilla (tops); pulasan; quinoa grain; root and tuber veg.; salal; sesame seed; Spanish lime; stevia (leaves); surinam cherry; teff, grain; ti leaves; wasabi (roots); water spinach (tops); watercress, upland; wax jambu; yacon tuber RR 9/27/2000 2000
Zeneca F Azoxystrobin barley, onion, citrus, corn (field, sweet, pop), cotton, leafy veg, root and tuber veg., soybean RR 9/29/2000 2000
Rhone Poulenc I Fipronil home lawn, golf course, commercial and recreational turf and sod farms (fire ant) OP Alt. 12/4/2000 2001
Rhone Poulenc I Fipronil potting medium mixtures (fire ant) OP Alt. 12/8/2000 2001
Novartis I Thiamethoxam barley, canola, cotton, sorghum, wheat (all seed treatment) OP Alt. 12/21/2000 2001
Novartis F Fludioxonil strawberry, bulb vegetables RR 12/29/2000 2001
MGK I Pyriproxyfen food handling establishments RR 3/14/2001 2001
Novartis F Fludioxonil turf RR 3/30/2001 2001
Bayer I Imidacloprid leaf petioles, citrus OP Alt. 4/10/2001 2001
Rhone Poulenc F Zoxamide grape RR 4/11/2001 2001
Novartis I Thiamethoxam cotton (foliar), cucurbit veg., fruiting veg., pome fruit, tuberous and corm veg. OP Alt. 5/23/2001 2001
Rhone Poulenc I Fipronil turf (homeowner, commercial; fire ant) OP Alt. 5/25/2001 2001
BASF PGR Prohexadione calcium grass (grown for seed) RR 6/1/2001 2001
Valent/IR-4 I Pyriproxyfen pistachio RR/OP Alt. 6/5/2001 2001
Zeneca H Mesotrione corn (field) RR 6/21/2001 2001
Novartis F Cyprodinil onion (dry bulb & green), strawberry RR 6/22/2001 2001
AgrEvo I Buprofezin almond, citrus, cotton, grape, tomato RR/OP Alt. 6/26/2001 2001
FMC H Carfentrazone-ethyl cotton (defoliant use) OP Alt. 8/1/2001 2001
ISK F Fluazinam peanut, potato RR 9/7/2001 2001
FMC I zeta-Cypermethrin alfalfa, corn (field, pop, sweet), head and stem brassica veg., leafy brassica greens, leafy veg., onion (green), sugar beet, sugarcane, rice OP Alt. 9/17/2001 2001
Novartis F Azoxystrobin leafy brassica greens, bushberry, eggplant, grass (grown for seed), jackfruit, juneberry, lingonberry, loquat, mint (spearmint, peppermint), okra, pawpaw, pepper, persimmon, salal, strawberry, tamarind, tropical fruit, turnip (greens), watercress, wax jambu, white sapote RR 9/21/2001 2001
Makhteshim-Agan I Novaluron ornamentals (indoors, non-food) RR 9/24/2001 2001
Dow Elanco I Spinosad artichoke (globe), asparagus, bushberry, cranberry, foliage of legume veg., garden beet (root),
juneberry, leaves of root and tuber veg., lingonberry, okra, pistachio, pome fruit, salal, strawberry, sugar beet (root), tree nuts
RR/OP Alt. 9/25/2001 2001
Rohm & Haas F Zoxamide cucurbit veg., tomato RR 9/26/2001 2001
PBI Gordon H Carfentrazone-ethyl turf RR 9/27/2001 2001
American Cyanamid I Chlorfenapyr post construction control of termites OP Alt. 12/21/2001 2002
American Cyanamid H Imazamox alfalfa, canola, legume veg., wheat RR 12/27/2001 2002
Novartis I Pymetrozine cotton RR/OP Alt. 12/27/2001 2002
Novartis I Pymetrozine leafy veg., head and stem brassica veg., leafy brassica veg., hops RR/OP Alt. 12/27/2001 2002
Novartis I Pymetrozine pecans OP Alt. 12/27/2001 2002
Uniroyal I Bifenazate cotton, grape, hops, nectarine, peach, plum, pome fruit, strawberry RR/OP Alt. 2/1/2002 2002
Aventis I Acetamiprid cotton, pome fruit, citrus, grapes, brassica leafy veg., leafy veg. (excl. brassica), fruiting veg., ornamentals RR/OP Alt. 3/15/2002 2002
Novartis F Trifloxystrobin citrus, corn (field, pop), pecan, rice, stone fruit RR 5/23/2002 2002
DowAgro H Cyhalofop-butyl rice RR 5/23/2002 2002
Dow I Indoxacarb alfalfa, peanut, potato, soybean RR/OP Alt. 7/10/2002 2002
Novartis F Fludioxonil caneberry, pistachio, stone fruit, watercress RR 8/2/2002 2002
Valent I Pyriproxyfen stone fruit RR/OP Alt. 8/28/2002 2002
IR-4   Pyriproxyfen blueberry, lychee, guava RR/OP Alt. 8/28/2002 2002
BASF/American Cyanamid H Imazethapyr rice RR 8/29/2002 2002
BASF/IR-4 H Diflufenzopyr (Distinct) corn (pop, sweet), grass (forage, hay) RR 8/29/2002 2002
Camas Tech. F Macalayea extract greenhouse ornamentals RR 9/19/2002 2002
Syngenta F Azoxystrobin legume vegetables RR 9/20/2002 2002
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide fruiting vegetables, grapes RR/OP Alt. 9/20/2002 2002
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide brassica leafy vegetables, leafy vegetables RR/OP Alt. 9/20/2002 2002
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide corn (field, sweet) RR/OP Alt. 9/20/2002 2002
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide stone fruit RR/OP Alt. 9/20/2002 2002
Rohm & Haas I Methoxyfenozide tree nuts RR/OP Alt. 9/20/2002 2002
Aventis F Fenamidone lettuce RR 9/27/2002 2002
Zeneca I Lambda-cyhalothrin legume vegetables,
fruiting vegetables,
sugar cane
OP Alt. (all uses)
9/27/2002 2002
IR-4 I Spinosad berry group, fig, grape, herbs, peanut, root and tuber vegetables RR/OP Alt. 9/27/2002 2002
Syngenta I Lambda-cyhalothrin termite barrier RR 10/10/2002 2003
Valent I Pyriproxyfen Brassica leafy vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, olive RR/OP Alt. 3/7/2003 2003
IR-4 F Cyprodinil bushberry, caneberry, pistachio, watercress RR 3/13/2003 2003
Exit Holdings Ro EH-2001 Rodenticide Richardson/Wyoming ground squirrel RR 3/24/2003 2003
IR-4 H Mesotrione corn (pop) RR 3/25/2003 2003
Dow I Noviflumuron above ground bait station RR/OP Alt. 5/13/2003 2003
IR-4 I Pyriproxyfen avocado fruits, fig, okra,sugar apple fruits RR/OP Alt. 5/30/2003 2003
Bayer I Clothianidin canola, corn (seed treatments) OP Alt. 5/30/2003 2003
IR-4 I Methoxyfenozide cranberry, cucurbits, okra, pea (blackeyed, southern), turnip (greens) RR/OP Alt. 5/30/2003 2003
IR-4 F Azoxystrobin artichoke (globe), asparagus, head & stem Brassica subgroup, herbs RR 6/18/2003 2003
Novartis I Emamectin benzoate cotton, fruiting vegetables, tobacco OP Alt. 7/1/2003 2003
IR-4 I Buprofezin bean (succ.), lychee fruits, pistachio RR/OP Alt. 7/15/2003 2003
BASF F Boscalid (BAS 510) berries, bulb vegetables, canola, fruiting vegetables, grape, legume vegetables, lettuce (head, leaf), peanut, root vegetables (except sugar beet, garden beet, radish, turnip), stone fruit, strawberry, tree nuts, tuberous & corm vegetables, turf RR 7/21/2003 2003
Novartis I Thiamethoxam ornamentals OP Alt. 7/30/2003 2003
IR-4 F Trifloxystrobin leaf petioles; root vegetables (except sugar beet) subgroup, except radish RR 9/10/2003 2003
IR-4 I Thiamethoxam beans, succulent (seed); stone fruit; sunflower (seed) OP Alt 9/17/2003 2003
Syngenta H Butafenacil cotton OP Alt. 9/19/2003 2003
IR-4 F Cyprodinil Brassica leafy vegetables, carrot, herbs, lychee fruits RR 9/19/2003 2003
FMC/ISK Biosciences I Flonicamid ornamentals (greenhouse) OP Alt. 9/26/2003 2003
Tomen Agro I Acequinocyl ornamentals (greenhouse) RR 9/26/2003 2003
IR-4 I Bifenazate cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, mint, pistachio, tomato (greenhouse), tree nuts RR 9/26/2003 2003
IR-4 F Fenhexamid cucumber (greenhouse), fruiting vegetables (except non-bell pepper), kiwifruit, leafy green subgroup (except spinach), stone fruit RR 9/26/2003 2003
Valent I Etoxazole cotton, pome fruit, strawberry RR 9/26/2003 2003
Dow F Quinoxyfen grape, hops RR 9/29/2003 2003
IR-4 F Quinoxyfen cherry RR 9/29/2003 2003
Bayer H Glufosinate-ammonium rice RR 9/30/2003 2003
Dow Agro H Fluroxypyr corn (field, sweet) RR 12/31/2003 2004
Bayer H Mesosulfuron-methyl wheat RR 3/31/2004 2004
Syngenta I Gamma-cyhalothrin (Isomer of lambda-cyhalothrin) alfalfa, Brassica head & stem subgroup, canola, corn (field, sweet), cotton, fruiting vegetables, garlic, legume vegetables (edible-podded) subgroup, lettuce (head, leaf), tree nuts, onion (dry bulb), pea and bean dry shelled (except soybean) subgroup, pea and bean succulent shelled subgroup, peanut, pome fruit, rice, sorghum, soybean, stone fruit, sugarcane, sunflower, wheat OP Alt. 4/14/2004 2004
Makhteshim-Agan I Novaluron cotton, pome fruit OP Alt 6/2/2004 2004
Nichino I Fenpyroximate cotton, grape, pome fruit RR 6/10/2004 2004
Exponent/Agro Kanesho I Acequinocyl strawberry RR 7/21/2004 2004
Arvesta I Acequinocyl almond, citrus, pome fruit, field ornamentals RR 7/21/2004 2004
Syngenta I Lufenuron termite bait station RR 8/5/2004 2004
DuPont I Indoxacarb fire ant bait RR/OP Alt. 8/18/2004 2004
Janssen/Bayer F Pyrimethanil almond, grape, onion (dry bulb, green), pome fruit, stone fruit, strawberry, tomato, tuberous & corm vegetables RR 8/26/2004 2004
Mitsui I Dinotefuran leafy vegetables RR/OP Alt. 9/17/2004 2004
Dow Agro H Penoxsulam rice RR 9/24/2004 2004
Dow Agro I Tebufenozide citrus RR 9/24/2004 2004
IR-4 I Tebufenozide grape, tuberous & corm vegetables RR 9/24/2004 2004
Bayer F Fenamidone cucurbit vegetables, onion (dry bulb, green), potato, tomato RR 9/29/2004 2004
ISK Biosciences F Cyazofamid cucurbit vegetables, potato, tomato RR 9/30/2004 2004
Valent H Bispyribac-sodium turf RR 9/30/2004 2004
Bayer I Deltamethrin corn (field), cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, onion (dry bulb, green), pome fruit, root & tuber vegetables, sorghum, tree nuts OP Alt. 9/30/2004 2004
Bayer F Fenamidone ornamentals RR 10/19/2004 2005
Farnam I Diflubenzuron Horse oral larvicide feed-through treatment RR 11/19/2004 2005
Mitsui I Dinotefuran public health use RR/OP Alt. 11/22/2004 2005
Arvesta I Clothianidin turf, ornamentals OP Alt. 11/30/2004 2005
IR-4 I Thiamethoxam mint OP Alt. 12/22/2004 2005
Arvesta I Clothianidin pome fruit, tobacco OP Alt. 2/23/2005 2005
Makhteshim I Clofentezine grape RR 3/9/2005 2005
Mitsui I Dinotefuran cotton, brassica head & stem subgroup, cucurbit vegetables,fruiting vegetables, grape, potato RR/OP Alt. 3/23/2005 2005
Syngenta H Mesotrione corn (sweet) RR 3/23/2005 2005
Nichino I Buprofezin avocado, guava, peach, pome fruit, sugar apple RR/OP Alt 4/8/2005 2005
Nippon Soda I Acetamiprid potato RR/OP Alt. 4/25/2005 2005
Syngenta I Spiromesifen Brassica leafy vegetables, corn (field), cotton, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, leafy greens, ornamentals, strawberry, tuberous & corm vegetables (retroactive classification, 11/28/06) RR 5/3/2005 2005
IR-4 I Pymetrozine asparagus OP Alt. 7/27/2005 2005
Valent I Etoxazole grape, tree nuts RR/OP Alt. 7/28/2005 2005
Syngenta H Pinoxaden barley, wheat RR 7/27/2005 2005
Dow Agro H Aminopyralid range & pasture lands, rights of way, roadsides, industrial vegetation management RR 8/10/2005 2005
ISK Biosciences I Flonicamid cotton, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, pome fruit, potato, stone fruit, nursery & landscape ornamentals OP Alt. 8/31/2005 2005
IR-4 F Boscalid celery, spinach RR 2/8/2006 2006
Valent H Flumiclorac-pentyl cotton defoliant use RR/OP Alt. 3/8/2006 2006
IR-4 I Spinosad alfalfa, fruit fly bait, mint, onion (green) RR 3/8/2006 2006
IR-4 F Fenhexamid ginseng, pear RR 3/29/2006 2006
ISK BioSciences I Flonicamid head & stem Brassica OP Alt. 3/29/2006 2006
IR-4 F Trifloxystrobin barley, oats RR 3/29/2006 2006
IR-4 F Azoxystrobin herbs, spices, safflower, sunflower RR 5/3/2006 2006
Dow Agro I Methoxyfenozide soybean RR/OP Alt. 6/7/2006 2006
IR-4 F Fenhexamid cilantro, pepper (non-bell), pomegranate RR 8/2/2006 2006
IR-4 I Fenpyroximate citrus, hops, mint, pistachio, tree nuts RR 8/23/2006 2006
IR-4 F Quinoxyfen lettuce (head, leaf), melons, pepper (bell, non-bell), strawberry RR 8/25/2006 2006
IR-4/Uniroyal I Bifenazate stone fruit, edible-podded pea, tuberous & corm vegetables RR/OP Alt. 8/30/2006 2006
KI-Chemical H Fluthiacet-methyl cotton OP Alt. 12/27/2006 2007
Syngenta I Spiromesifen tomato (greenhouse) RR 1/31/2007 2007
ISK BioSciences F Flazasulfuron turf RR 5/14/2007 2007
Dow Agro H Penoxsulam turf RR 6/13/2007 2007
DuPont I Indoxacarb grape RR 7/6/2007 2007
Dow Agro H Penoxsulam aquatic use RR 7/17/2007 2007
Dow Agro I Spinosad mosquito larvicide use RR 8/29/2007 2007
Dow Agro I Spinetoram acerola, amaranth, pome fruit, stone fruit, artichoke (globe), asparagus, atemoya, avocado, banana, biribi; head & stem Brassica; Brassica leafy greens; bulb vegetables; bushberry; caneberry; canistel; cereal grains (ex. rice, sorghum, millet); cherimoya; citrus; corn (sweet); cotton; cranberry; cucurbit vegetables; custard apple; feijoa; fig; foliage of legume vegetables; fruiting vegetables; grape; guava; herbs (dried, fresh); ilama; jaboticaba; juneberry; leafy vegetables; leaves of root & tuber vegetables; legume vegetables, edible-podded; lingonberry; longan; lychee; mango;  mint; okra; papaya; passion fruit; pea & bean, dried, shelled (ex. soybean); pea & bean, succulent shelled; peanut; pistachio; pulusan; rambutan; root & tuber vegetables; salal; sapodilla; sapote (black); sapote (mamey); sapote (white); sorghum; soursop; spanish lime; star apple; star fruit; strawberry; sugar apple; ti leaves; tree nuts; watercress; wax jambu RR 9/28/2007 2007
Syngenta H Mesotrione turf (sod farm, golf courses) RR 12/12/2007 2008
Syngenta F Mandipropamid Brassica Leafy Vegetables, Bulb Vegetables, Cucurbit Vegetables, Fruiting Vegetables, Grape, Tuberous & Corm Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables RR 1/9/2008 2008
IR-4 I Etoxazole Cherry, Melon (subgroup 9A), Hops RR 1/10/2008 2008
IR-4 H Mesotrione Berry, Cranberry, Flax RR 1/16/2008 2008
IR-4 I Methoxyfenozide Avocado; Bean (dry, seed); Bushberry; Grass, Forage, Fodder & Hay; Guava; Non-Grass Animal Feeds; Onion (green); Peanut; Tuberous & Corm Vegetables RR 2/27/2008 2008
IR-4 I Spinosad Pineapple, Spices (ex. black pepper) RR 2/27/2008 2008
IR-4 I Spiromesifen Bean (dry, edible-podded, succulent) RR 3/14/2008 2008
Syngenta H Mesotrione Asparagus, Grass (grown for seed), Oat, Okra, Rhubarb, Sorghum, Sugarcane RR 3/17/2008 2008
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Cotton, Grape, Pome Fruit, Potato, Stone Fruit, Brassica Leafy Vegetables, Cucurbit Vegetables, Fruiting Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Turf, Ornamentals RR 4/25/2008 2008
Bayer I Spirotetramat Almond, Brassica Head & Stem Vegetables, Brassica Leafy Greens, Citrus, Cucurbits, Fruiting Vegetables, Grape, Hops, Leafy Vegetables, Onion (bulb), Pome Fruit, Stone Fruit, Strawberry, Tree Nuts, Tuberous & Corm Vegetables RR 6/30/2008 2008
Wellmark I Etofenprox Mosquito Adulticide Use RR 8/15/2008 2008
Mitsui/Landis I Etofenprox Rice RR 12/8/2008 2009
Syngenta H Mesotrione Turf (commercial, residential) RR 2/19/2009 2009
Bayer, IR-4 I Spiromesifen Corn (pop, sweet), Low-growing berry group RR 4/22/2009 2009
Dow Agro H Penoxsulam Grape, Tree Nuts RR 4/24/2009 2009
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Tree Nuts, Pistachio RR 6/16/2009 2009
IR-4 I Etoxazole Cucumber, Mint, Plum, Stone Fruit (ex. plum), Tomato (GH) RR 7/14/2009 2009
IR-4 F Cyazofamid Fruiting Vegetables, Grape (regional tolerance), Okra RR 7/29/2009 2009
IR-4 I Spinetoram Date, Hops, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Spice (ex. black pepper) RR 8/13/2009 2009
BASF H Saflufenacil Cereal Grains; Citrus; Cotton; Foliage of Legume Vegetables; Forage, Fodder, & Straw of Cereal Grains; Grape; Legume Vegetables; Pome Fruit; Stone Fruit; Sunflower; Tree Nuts RR 9/3/2009 2009
IR-4 I Methoxyfenozide Citrus, Corn (pop), Pea (dry seed), Pomegranate RR 9/18/2009 2009
IR-4 I Pyriproxyfen Artichoke (globe), Asparagus, Foliage of Legume Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Leaves of Root & Tuber Vegetables, Small Vine Climbing Fruits (ex. grape), Watercress RR 11/5/2009 2010
IR-4 I Dinotefuran Brassica leafy greens, Turnip (greens) RR 12/23/2009 2010
IR-4 I Endothall Irrigation Canal Use RR 12/30/2009 2010
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Artichoke, Asparagus, Caneberry, Cacao, Citrus, Coffee, Corn (field, sweet, pop), Fig; Forage, Fodder & Straw of Cereal Grains; Grass Forage, Fodder, & Hay; Herbs & Spices; Hops; Legume Vegetables (ex. soybean); Mint; Non-grass Animal Feeds; Oilseed Crops; Okra; Olive; Peanut; Persimmon; Pomegranate; Prickly Pear Cactus; Rice; Small Vine-climbing Fruits; Strawberry; Sugar, cane; Tea; Tobacco; Tropical Fruits; Tuberous & Corm Vegetables RR 2/19/2010 2010
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Termiticide Use RR 5/20/2010 2010
Nichino I Tolfenpyrad Ornamentals (Greenhouse) RR 7/28/2010 2010
IR-4 F Cyazofamid Brassica Leafy Vegetables, Hops, Spinach, Turnip (greens) RR 8/13/2010 2010
Bayer I Spiromesifen Pea, dry RR 9/1/2010 2010
Bayer I Spirotetramat Cotton, Legume Vegetables, Tropical Fruits RR 5/6/2011 2011
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Bushberry, Cucurbit Vegetables, Fruiting Vegetables Okra, Onion, bulb, Root & Tuber Vegetables, Sugar beet, Tea RR 7/15/2011 2011
Landis I Novaluron Termite Bait Station Use RR 2/8/2012 2012
Mitsui/Landis F Penthiopyrad Alfalfa, Bulb Vegetables, Brassica Leafy Vegetables, Canola, Cereal Grains, Corn (field, pop, sweet), Cotton, Cucurbits, Fruiting Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Legumes, Low-growing Berry, Peanut, Pome Fruit, Root & Tuber Vegetables, Soybean, Stone Fruit, Sunflower, Tree Nuts, Turf, Ornamentals RR 2/29/2012 2012
BASF F Ametoctradin Brassica Leafy Vegetables, Bulb Vegetables, Cucurbits, Fruiting Vegetables, Grape, Hops, Leafy Vegetables, Tuberous & Corm Vegetables, Turf (golf courses), Ornamentals, Residential/ Commercial Landscapes RR 5/17/2012 2012
IR-4 I Acetamiprid Asparagus, Brassica Leafy Greens, Citrus, Fruiting Vegetables, Pome Fruit, Turnip (greens) RR 8/2/2012 2012
IR-4 F Azoxystrobin Berry & Small Fruits (13-07A,B,F,G), Bulb Vegetables, Citrus, Dragon Fruit, Fruiting Vegetables, Oilseeds, Tuberous & Corm Vegetables, Wasabi RR 8/22/2012 2012
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Foliage of Legume Vegetables, Soybean, Oilseeds RR 9/21/2012 2012
Mitsui I Dinotefuran Rice RR 10/26/2012 2013
IR-4 I Flonicamid Cucumber (GH), Low-growing Berry, Rapeseed (20A) RR 11/14/2012 2013
IR-4 I Pyriproxyfen Herbs RR 12/12/2012 2013
Mitsui I Dinotefuran Food Handling Establishments RR 4/12/2013 2013
IR-4 I Acetamiprid Corn, sweet RR 6/20/2013 2013
IR-4 I Etofenprox Mosquito Adulticide Use (removing crop restriction) RR 11/25/2013 2014
DuPont I Cyantraniliprole Brassica leafy vegetables, bulb vegetables, bushberries, citrus, cotton, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, oil seeds, pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts, tuberous & corm vegetables, fly bait use, turf, ornamentals (greenhouse and nursery), and indoor and outdoor commercial and residential use sites to control public health pests RR 1/24/2014 2014
DuPont I Chlorantraniliprole Peanut RR 2/7/2014 2014
Bayer CropScience I Clothianidin Indoor cockroach gel bait RR 4/7/2014 2014
DuPont Crop Protection F Oxathiapiprolin Brassica leafy vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, and potatoes. RR 8/31/2015 2015
Syngenta F Oxathiapiprolin ornamentals RR 8/31/2015 2015
Bayer CropScience I Flupyradifurone citrus, cotton, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, pome fruit, Brassica leafy vegetables, leafy (non-Brassica) vegetables, root and tuber vegetables, and legume vegetables RR 1/15/2015 2015
Bayer Environment Science I Deltamethrin All crop mosquito adulticide RR 3/25/2015 2015
IR-4 / ISK Biosciences Corporation F Cyazofamid Herb (19A); Pepper (Greenhouse soil drench); Tomato (Greenhouse foliar) RR 1/21/2016 2016
Bayer CropScience I Spirotetramat Sugar Beets RR 11/15/2016 2017
IR-4 I Spirotetramat Carrots RR 11/15/2016 2017
IR-4 I Etofenprox Mushrooms RR 11/15/2016 2017
Syngenta F Oxathiapiprolin Sunflower (seed treatment), Citrus and Potato (soil use) RR 11/14/2016 2016
IR-4 F Oxathiapiprolin Caneberry, Basil, and Mustard Greens RR 11/14/2016 2016
DuPont Crop Protection F Oxathiapiprolin Sunflower (seed treatment) and Soybean (seed treatment) RR 11/14/2016 2016
IR-4 I Acequinocyl Avocado, Dried Shelled Beans, and Summer Squash RR 9/13/2016 2016
IR-4 I Flonicamid Vegetable, Legume, Crop Group 6, Except Soybean and Greenhouse Grown Peppers RR 9/13/2016 2016
Valent U.S.A. Corporation I Etoxazole Soybean RR 9/13/2016  

*In some instances in the table, the date listed might actually refer to the Federal Register tolerance publication date.

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