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Consolidated Checklists for State Authorization under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

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Consolidated Checklists C1 - C11

EPA maintains lengthy checklists that consolidate the regulations from the initial RCRA Subtitle C Base Program, plus all the revisions promulgated since. These checklists are known as Consolidated Checklists.

Unlike a Rule/Revision Checklist which tracks an individual federal final rule or multiple final rules, each Consolidated Checklist corresponds to a specific part of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); they address 40 CFR parts 260 through 268, 270/124, 273 and 279. For each citation, the Consolidated Checklist provides:

  • a brief description of the provision for each federal citation rather than the full, verbatim regulatory text of the provision;
  • a list of all the Revision/Rule Checklists that have affected the citation;
  • an indication as to whether the specific provision is optional or required for state authorization; and
  • appropriate endnotes to provide additional information about revisions and guidance for specific provisions.
  • A cross preceding a revision checklist means that the provision is optional.
  • Roman numerals refer to the original base program checklists.
  • An asterisk indicates that, while the particular section of code was included in the federal RCRA regulations prior to the first revision checklist, it was not included in the original base program checklists.

The Consolidated Checklists can be used when a state is seeking initial authorization, or when an authorized state makes major revisions to its regulations, such as:

  • renumbering its regulations;
  • changing from an incorporation by reference to a verbatim adoption, or vice versa; or
  • replacing current state regulations with verbatim adoption of the federal regulations or an incorporation by reference.

A state can also use the Consolidated Checklists to track its own program as it corresponds to the federal code. They can serve as a crosswalk between the entire federal hazardous waste regulations and a state’s regulatory program.

The list of Consolidated Checklists and associated CFR parts is provided in the table below:

Checklist Number Consolidated Checklist Name 40 CFR Part
C1 Hazardous Waste Management System: General Part 260
C2 Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste Part 261
C3 Standards Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Waste Part 262
C4 Standards Applicable to Transporters of Hazardous Waste Part 263
(5 files)

Standards for Owners and Operators of Hazardous
Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities

Part 264
(5 files)

Interim Status Standards for Owners and Operators of
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities

Part 265

Standards for the Management of Specific HW and Specific
Types of Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Part 266

Standards for Owners and Operators of Hazardous Waste
Facilities Operating Under a Standardized Permit

Part 267
C9 Land Disposal Restrictions Part 268

EPA Administered Permit Programs: The Hazardous
Waste Permit Program; Procedures for Decision Making

Parts 270/124
C11 Standards for the Management of Used Oil Part 273
C12 Standards for Universal Waste Management Part 279

2018 Consolidated Checklists - Updated through the July 1, 2018 CFR, as Amended by the August 6, 2018 Final Rule (83 Fr 38262)

2002 Consolidated Checklists (through December 31, 2002)

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Special Consolidated Checklists

A Special Consolidated Checklist is a consolidation of the revision checklists for a major rule, such as the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR), Used Oil, Wood Preserving Listing, etc. The Special Consolidated Checklists can be used by a state that wants to adopt a major program area, such as the LDR. It eliminates the need to submit several revision checklists. Each citation on a Special Consolidated Checklist shows the revision checklists that are affected. Endnotes are also used to provide additional information about specific citations. The Special Consolidated Checklist are updated as needed; however, only the most recent versions are made available for viewing or downloading at this website.

The following special consolidated checklists are current through December 31, 2002:

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