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Louisiana SIP: LAC 33:III Ch. 5 Section 521 - Administrative Amendments

Regulatory Text:
Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 33 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, Part III Air (LAC 33:III)

Chapter 5.  Permit Procedures

Section 521. Administrative Amendments.
LAC 33:III.521 as submitted to EPA:

LA048.03A - November 15, 1993 (LA048.03A, AQ70) LA-017 -- See EDITOR’S NOTE 1,
AQ70 §521;LAd51;LA048.03A;AQ70;LR19:1420(11/20/1993), submitted to EPA November 15, 1993.

LA048.04B - November 10, 1994 (LA048.04B, AQ102) LA-018;
AQ102 §521;LAd51;LA048.04B;AQ102;LR20:1375(12/20/1994), submitted to EPA November 10, 1994.

LA048.08F - May 5, 2006 (LA048.08F, OS057) LA-083;
OS057 §521;LAd51;LA048.08F;OS057;LR31:2430(10/20/2005), submitted to EPA May 5, 2006.

Approved by EPA August 4, 2016 (81 FR 51341) effective September 6, 2016 (LAd51), docket EPA-R06-OAR-2014-0821 [LA048].

EDITOR’S NOTE 1:  This compilation of Section 521 includes revisions to Section 521
submitted to EPA November 15, 1993 although the November 15, 1993 submittal is not listed
as being a submittal date for Section 521 in the Final Action section of the final
approval of these rule in the Federal Register published August 4, 2016 (81 FR 51341).  
If it is determined that the November 15, 1993 submittal of Section 521 was not approved
by EPA August 4, 2016 (81 FR 51341), then only paragraph 521.A.3 submitted to EPA
May 5, 2006 and paragraph 521.A.6 submitted to EPA November 10, 1994 shown below comprise
the SIP-approved Section 521 effective September 6, 2016.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: In document EPA-R06-OAR-2014-0821-0004 [LA048.04B]
for the November 10, 1994 submittal, the AQ102 bookmark for §521 is missing.  
The §521 revision is on the same page as the §517 and §527 revisions.

Unless otherwise indicated, the text of this SIP-approved compilation of Section 521 is
as adopted in the Louisiana Register November 20, 1993, LR19:1420 (AQ70)
and submitted to EPA November 15, 1993, document EPA-R06-OAR-2014-0821-0003 [LA048.03A].
AQ70 §521;LAd51;LA048.03A;AQ70;LR19:1420(11/20/1993), submitted to EPA November 15, 1993.
See EDITOR’S NOTE 1 above.

   A. Administrative Amendment Criteria. Administrative
amendment procedures may be used to revise the permit for any
change that would not violate any applicable requirement or
standard and:
      1. corrects typographical errors or errors in transcribing
the proposed permit to the final version of the permit;
      2. updates or corrects identifying information at the source;

OS057 §521.A.3;LAd51;LA048.08F;OS057;LR31:2430(10/20/2005), submitted to EPA May 5, 2006
      3. allows for a change in ownership at the source, in
accordance with forms and guidance provided by the
permitting authority and pursuant to LAC 33:I.Chapter 19;

      4. identifies as a federal MACT emission limit, pursuant to
Sections 112(g) (Modifications) or 112(j) (Equivalent Emission
Limitation by Permit) of the Clean Air Act, terms and conditions
which have already undergone public notice as MACT for the
facility, provided adequate opportunity is given for EPA and
affected state review and provided compliance provisions
consistent with LAC 33:III.507.H.1 are included in the permit;
      5. incorporates changes to render preconstruction permit
terms and conditions consistent with emissions data and operating
parameters as determined by start-up testing results, provided
such changes are determined to meet the criteria of LAC 33:III.523; or

AQ102 §521.A.6;LAd51;LA048.04B;AQ102;LR20:1375(12/20/1994), submitted to EPA November 10, 1994
      6. incorporates state-only changes to terms and conditions
which are not federally enforceable under 40 CFR Part 70 and
which the permitting authority determines to be similar in
nature to the changes listed in this Subsection.

   B. Administrative Amendment Procedures
      1. For changes which qualify under Subsection A of this
Section, the owner or operator of the source may submit a request
for an administrative amendment to the permit. Such request
shall include a listing of amendments being requested, an
explanation of the reason for the request, and any verification
needed by the permitting authority to determine the
appropriateness of the amendment.
      2. Within 60 days of receipt of the request, the permitting
authority shall take final action on the request by doing one of
the following:
         a. incorporate the requested amendment and, for Part 70
sources, submit a copy of the amended permit to the
administrator; or
         b. deny the request.
      3. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Section,
administrative amendments to the acid rain portion of a permit
shall be made as specified in LAC 33:III.505.O.