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Oklahoma SIP: OK 252:100-37 Part 5. Control of Organic Solvents, SIP effective 2000-01-03

Regulatory Text:

252:100-37-25.  Coating of parts and products
252:100-37-26.  Clean up with organic solvents

252:100-37-25.  Coating of parts and products

(As approved by EPA 11/03/1999 (64 FR 59629) at 52.1920(c)(48) effective 01/03/2000.)

     (a)  Standards.  No owner or operator subject to the provision of this Section shall discharge or cause the discharge into the atmosphere from an existing coating line or individual coating operation any organic solvent in excess of the amounts, listed in the following table, per gallon of coating, excluding water, delivered to the coating applicator.

Type of coating           Pounds of organic solvent per gallon
                                  of paint (less water)
                            Jan. 79     Jan. 81    Jan. 82
                              limit       limit      limit  

Alkyd primer                    5.6         5.2        4.8  
Vinyls                          6.4         6.4        6.0
NC lacquers                     6.8         6.6        6.4
Acrylics                        6.4         6.4        6.0
Epoxies                         5.6         5.2        4.8
Maintenance finishes            5.6         5.2        4.8
Custom products finishes        6.8         6.6        6.5  

     (b)  Plant-wide emission plan.  An owner/operator may develop a plant-wide emission plan instead of having each coating line comply with the emission limitations prescribed in the table in (a) of this section, provided:
          (1)  the owner or operator demonstrates, by means of approved material balance or manual emission test methods, that sufficient reductions in organic solvents emissions may be obtained by controlling other facilities within the plant to the extent necessary to compensate for all excess emissions which result from one or more coating lines not achieving the prescribed limitation.  Such demonstration shall be described in writing and shall include:
               (A)  A complete description of the coating line or lines which will not comply with the emission limitation in 252:100-37-25(a);
               (B)  Quantification of emissions, in terms of pounds per day of organic solvents, which are in excess of the prescribed emission limitation for each coating line described under 252:100-37-25(b)(1)(A);
               (C)  A complete description of each facility and the related control system, if any, for those facilities within the plant where emissions will be decreased to compensate for excess emissions from each coating line described under 252:100-37-25(b)(1)(A);
               (D)  Quantification of emissions, in terms of pounds per day of organic solvents, for each facility described under 252:100-37-25(b)(1)(C), both before and after the improvement or installation of any applicable control system, or operational changes to such a facility or facilities to reduce emissions and the date on which such reductions will be achieved; and,
               (E)  A description of the procedures and methods used to determine the emissions of organic solvents.
          (2)  the plant-wide emission reduction plan does not include decreases in emissions resulting from requirements of other applicable air pollution rules.  The plant-wide emission reduction plan may include decreases in emissions accomplished through installation or improvement of a control system or through physical or operational changes to facilities, including permanently reduced production or closing a facility, located on the premises of a surface-coating operation.
          (3)  the implementation of a plant-wide emission reduction plan instead of compliance with the emissions limitation prescribed in 252:100-37-25(a) has been expressly approved by the  Executive Director.  Upon approval, any emissions in excess of those established for each facility under the plan shall be a violation of this Subchapter.

     (c)  Emission limitation.  No person shall discharge into the atmosphere more than 3,000 pounds of organic materials in any one day nor more than 450 pounds in any one hour from any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance in which any organic solvent or any material containing such solvent is employed or applied, unless such discharge has been reduced by at least 85 percent or has applied BACT or better as determined by the  Executive Director.

     (d)  Exemption.  Owners or operators of sources that are computed to emit less than 100 pounds of organic solvent per 24 hr./day are exempt from the requirements of this Section.

     (e)  Alternate standard.  Emissions in excess of those permitted by 252:100-37-25(a) through 252:100-37-25(d) are allowable if both the following conditions are met:
          (1)  emissions that would result in the absence of control are reduced by:
               (A)  90 percent, by incineration; or,
               (B)  85 percent, by absorption or any other process of equivalent reliability and effectiveness; and,
          (2)  no air pollution, as defined by the Clean Air Act, results.

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252:100-37-26.  Clean up with organic solvents

(As approved by EPA 11/03/1999 (64 FR 59629) at 52.1920(c)(48) effective 01/03/2000.)

     Emissions of organic materials to the atmosphere from the clean up with organic solvents, as defined in 252:100-37-2, of any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance used in applying coatings controlled in 252:100-37-25(a) through 252:100-37-25(d) shall be included with the other emissions of organic solvents from the coating line or operation in determining compliance with those rules.

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