task definition: title -- visible title of the task. description -- description of the task. hook menu -- function to delegate from hook_menu. Params: &$items, $task hook menu alter -- function to delegate from hook_menu_alter. Params: &$items, $task hook theme -- function to delegate from hook_theme. Params: &$items, $task admin name -- if set an admin menu will appear in the delegator UI admin description -- to describe the admin menu admin access callback -- if set, the callback to use to determine administrative access to this task. Defaults to user_access. Note that this is required even if delegator isn't handling administration, since this gets used to on handler edit forms. admin access arguments -- If set, the arguments to use to determine administrative access to this task. Defaults to array('administer delegator'); type -- The type of the task, used to determine which handlers can service it. subtasks -- can be TRUE in which case it supports subtasks with the default configuration or a string (array?) with callbacks to fetch subtask data. subtask callback -- A callback which returns just one subtask. Param: $task, $subtask_id subtasks callback -- A callback which returns an array of all subtasks. This MUST return an array, even if it's empty.Param: $task default handlers -- If the task contains any default handlers, they can be included here. task names must not contain a - as that is used to separate the task name from the subtask ID. subtasks implement data very similar to their parent task. In particular, they implement the following items exactly like their task: hook menu hook menu alter description admin name admin description admin access callback admin access arguments