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licence to use this software. The file is titled simply LICENSE.

To put it simply, Krumo is a replacement for print_r() and var_dump(). By 
definition Krumo is a debugging tool (for PHP5), which displays structured 
information about any PHP variable.

A lot of developers use print_r() and var_dump() in the means of debugging 
tools. Although they were intended to present human readble information about a 
variable, we can all agree that in general they are not. Krumo is an 
alternative: it does the same job, but it presents the information beautified 
using CSS and DHTML. 

Here's a basic example, which will return a report on the array variable passed 
as argument to it:

 krumo(array('a1'=> 'A1', 3, 'red'));

You can dump simultaneously more then one variable - here's another example:

 krumo($_SERVER, $_REQUEST);

You probably saw from the examples above that some of the nodes are expandable, 
so if you want to inspect the nested information, click on them and they will 
expand; if you do not need that information shown simply click again on it to 
collapse it. Here's an example to test this:

 $x1->x2->x3->x4->x5->x6->x7->x8->x9 = 'X10';

The krumo() is the only standalone function from the package, and this is 
because basic dumps about variables (like print_r() or var_dump()) are the most 
common tasks such functionality is used for. The rest of the functionality can 
be called using static calls to the Krumo class. Here are several more examples:

 // print a debug backgrace

 // print all the included(or required) files
 // print all the included functions
 // print all the declared classes
 // print all the defined constants

 ... and so on, etc.

A full PHPDocumenter API documentation exists both in this package and at the 
project's website.

Read the INSTALL file.

As I said, a full PHPDocumenter API documentation can be found both in this
package and at the project's website.

There are several skins pre-installed with this package, but if you wish you can 
create skins of your own. The skins are simply CSS files that are prepended to 
the result that Krumo prints. If you want to use images in your CSS (for 
background, list-style, etc), you have to put "%URL%" in front of the image URL 
in order hook it up to the skin folder and make the image web-accessible.

Here's an example:

 ul.krumo-first {background: url(%url%bg.gif);}

You can find the list of stuff that is going to be added to this project in the 
TODO file from this very package.

If you download and use and possibly even extend this tool, please let us know. 
Any feedback, even bad, is always welcome and your suggestions are going to be 
considered for our next release. Please use our SourceForge page for that:

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