You can easily embed the results of a view into other parts of your site; either with code as a module, or in nodes or blocks as snippets. The easiest way is to use the function views_embed_view(): /** * Embed a view using a PHP snippet. * * This function is meant to be called from PHP snippets, should one wish to * embed a view in a node or something. It's meant to provide the simplest * solution and doesn't really offer a lot of options, but breaking the function * apart is pretty easy, and this provides a worthwhile guide to doing so. * * @param string $name * The name of the view to embed. * @param string $display_id * The display id to embed. If unsure, use 'default', as it will always be * valid. But things like 'page' or 'block' should work here. * @param ... * Any additional parameters will be passed as arguments. */ function views_embed_view($name, $display_id = 'default') { To figure out the id of a display, hover your mouse over the tab to select that display. Everything after the '#views-tab-' is the id of that display. This ID is guaranteed never to change unless you delete the display and create a new one.