When you want to create a new view navigate to Structure > Views . There you can see all the views specified. Fresh install has a few examples ready and you can choose "edit" to investigate how the is made. To create a new view press "Add new view".

All the created Views

You can enter the following information about it.

First, you must enter a view name. This is the unique name of the view. It must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores; it is used to identify the view internally and to generate unique theming template names for this view. If you are overriding a module provided view, the name must not be changed or a new view will be created instead of overriding.

You can enter a description of the view. This description will appear on the Views administrative UI to tell you what the view is about. You can enter a view tag. It will be used help sort views on the administrative page.

You must choose a view type.
Nodes are a Drupal site's primary content.
When you want to handle comments and information related to the and information related to them.
When you want to handle files and file information.
Node revision
When you want to handle node revision information, choose this.
When you want to handle taxonomy, choose this one.
When you want to handle users and user information, choose this one.