Tools and Resources to Help Measure Electrification Impacts—Find Your Tool

This tool is intended to help state government, local government, and tribal agency officials screen and select tools and resources designed to measure the environmental and economic impacts of current and prospective electrification initiatives. Make selections below to find the to tools that are right for you. View Supporting Resources.

1. Select Information Type

Select whether you would like to review tools for quantifying impacts; resources such as guidebooks, reports, and other written information; or both.

2. Select Impact Type

Select the impact type(s) you are interested in.

3. Select Sectors

Select the sector(s) you are interested in.

4. Select Implementation Level

Select the implementation level(s) you are interested in.

5. Select Level of Detail for Analysis

Select whether to review tools/resources that provide detailed, measure-specific analysis (e.g., co-generation, electric vehicle charging); broader, sector/policy-specific analysis (e.g., transport, buildings); or both.

6. Select Ease of Use

Select the level(s) of interest, ranging from very easy (tools with default options and/or limited inputs) to complex (tools with many data inputs and/or highly technical content). To view resources, select “N/A”. See definitions for more information.

7. Select Primary Audience

Select the type(s) of audience that the tools and resources are designed for, ranging from local agencies to the entire U.S. region.

8. Select Timeframe

Select whether you would like to see tools and resources that are relevant for historical analyses or forward-looking analyses; or both.

31 Tools and Resources Available.

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