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Title V Operating Permits

Single Source Determination

Date Title EPA Office Author
02/12/2020 EPA's Response to Eastman Chemical Company's Request that EPA Reconsider Prior Source Determinations Region 3 Cristina Femandez
02/11/1998 Feb. 11, 1998 Letter to Terry Godar on MSW Landfills Region 3 Morris, Makeba
11/26/2019 Interpreting "Adjacent" for New Source Review and Title V Source Determinations in All Industries Other Than Oil and Gas OAR Idsal, Anne L.
07/23/2019 2019 Jaques Compressor Station Common Source Determination Region 8 Daly, Carl
08/27/1996 Analysis of the Applicability of PSD to the Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated Brewery and Nutri-Turf, Incorporated Landfarm at Fort Collins, Colorado OAQPS Kellam, Robert
08/02/1996 Major Source Determinations for Military Installations Under the Air Toxics, New Source Review, and Title V Operating Permit Programs of the Clean Air Act (Act) OAQPS

Seitz, John


Applicability of Title V Permitting Requirements to Gasoline Bulk Terminals Owned by Williams Energy Ventures, Inc.

Region 4 Smith, Winston
01/28/2000 Applicability of PSD Permitting Requirements, Wellcraft Marine Corporation, Sarasota, Florida Region 4 Neeley, Douglas R.
04/14/2006 Single Source Determination for General Dynamics Region 5 Blakely, Pamela
09/22/2009 Withdrawal of William Wehrum's January 12, 2007 Issued Guidance Memo "Source Determinations for Oil and Gas Industries" OAR McCarthy, Gina
01/12/2007 Source Determinations for Oil and Gas Industries OAR Wehrum, William
07/15/1997 July 15, 1997 Region V Letter on LTV Steel, Stein, Inc., and Allega, Inc. Region 5 Harnett, William
10/12/2001 PSD Applicability for Frederickson Power L.P. Region 10 Cole, Doug
08/08/1997 Great Salt Lake Minerals Source Determination Region 8 Long, Richard
05/21/1998 Response to Request for Guidance in Defining Adjacent with Respect to Source Aggregation Region 8 Long, Richard
08/21/2001 Permitting of Forest Oil's Kustatan Production Facility and Osprey Platform Pursuant to the Alaska SIP Region 10 Hardesty, Douglas
02/18/1987 PSD Applicability Request, Valero Hydrocarbon Company Yoakum, DeWitt County Texas Region 6 Hathaway, William
08/07/1997 ESCO Corp. Source Determination Region 10 Cabreza, Joan
10/16/2018 Are JCL and Ameresco Under Common Control OAQPS Wood, Anna Marie
04/30/2018 Meadowbrook Energy and Keystone Landfill Common Control Analysis OAR Wehrum, William
02/01/2018 Pacific Ethanol, One or More Sources? Region 7 Weber, Rebecca
10/11/2000 St. Lawrence Cement... Two Facilities or One? Region 2 Riva, Steven
09/18/1995 Common Control, September 18, 1995 Letter to Peter Hamlin Region 7 Spratlin, William
10/18/2010 Summit Petroleum Corporation Single Source Determination Region 5 Newton, Cheryl
08/25/1999 Support Facility Determination... Oscar Mayer and Madison Gas & Electric Region 5 Miller, Robert
08/08/2001 Should DuPont and DUSA International be Considered a Single Source for Title V and PSD Region 4 Neeley, R. Douglas
03/29/2001 Single Source Determination for Gallitan Steel Co. and Heckett MultiServ OAQPS Thomas, Henry and Seitz, John
10/01/1999 Source Definition Issue for KN Power - Front Range Energy Associates, LLC/PSCo Generating Facility Region 8 Long, Richard
05/16/1980 Shell Oil Company Wilmington Complex Specification of Source SCCD Reich, Edward
11/12/1998 Single Source Determination for Coors/TriGen Region 8 Long, Richard
12/06/2004 Lincolnway Energy Cooperative & Co-location with Existing Grain Cooperative Region 7 Heiman, JoAnn
07/03/2001 PSD Question Concerning Common Control, Alliant Energy and Climax Molybdenum OAQPS Seitz, John
07/08/2004 Outstanding Issues at the Al Turi Landfill in Goshen, NY Region 2 Mugdan, Walter and Kenny, Jane
01/10/2012 GPC Single Source Letter Region 3 Cox, Kathleen
07/21/2005 Single Source Evaluation for the Hartford Working Group and Premcor Distribution Center Region 5 Blakely, Pamela
04/20/1999 American Soda Multi-facility Source Determination Region 8 Long, Richard
05/01/2002 Common Control for Maplewood Landfill and Industrial Power Generating Corporation Region 3 Katz, Judith
08/11/1989 PSD Applicability Determination for Multiple Owner/Operator Point Sources Within a Single Facility OAQPS Calcagni, John
01/15/1999 United Salt Northeast PSD Determination Region 3 Henry, Kathleen
  Georgetown Cogeneration Project as a Minor Source Region 3 Turlinski, Bernard
07/12/2019 Are Manchester Renewable Power Corp. and Ocean Energy Corp Under Common Control OAR Idsal, Anne L.
03/25/2016 Central Landfill Source Determination Region 1 Moraff, Ken
12/21/2012 Applicability of the Summit Decision to EPA Title V and NSR Source Determinations OAQPS Page, Stephen
12/16/2011 PowerSecure Common Control Determination Region 4 Worley, Gregg
08/09/2017 Source Determination Analysis for River Bend Dehydrator Site Region 8 Wortman, Eric
06/30/1981 PSD Definition of Source SSCD Reich, Edward
10/18/2010 BP American Production Company's Florida River Compression Facility Single Source Determination Region 8 Videtich, Callie
03/16/1979 Definition of Source SSCD Reich, Edward
05/11/2009 Common Control Determination for Ocean County Landfill and the Manchester Renewable Power Corp./LES Region 2 Borsellino, Ronald
07/20/1995 Site Specific Determination of Common Control United Technologies Corporation; Columbus G.A. Region 4 Harper, Jewell
06/05/1995 Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Title V Applicability Region 4 Harper, Jewell
04/05/1995 4/5/95 Letter on Definition of Major Source Region 2 Eng, Kenneth
03/13/1998 Guidance on Major Modification Provisions of PSD Rules as Applied to "Re-Permitting" at Acme Steel Co. Region 5 Newton, Cheryl
  Response to Appeal Dated May 21, 1992 From Reserve Coal Properties Company Region 3 Erickson, Edwin

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