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Title V Operating Permits

State Part 70 Programs and Federal Part 71 Program

Date Title EPA Office Author
11/01/1992 Permitting Authority, Vol. 1, No. 2 OAQPS  
01/01/1993 Permitting Authority, Vol. 2, No. 1 OAQPS  
08/30/2016 Principles and Best Practices for Oversight of State Permitting Programs Deputy Administrator Meiburg, A. Stanley
05/20/1999 Title V Interface Issues OAQPS

Seitz, John


Implementing the Part 71 Program in Indian Country

OAQPS Hitte, Steven
04/20/1999 Title V Program Responsibilities Concerning the Accidental Release Prevention Program OAQPS, OSWER Hitte, Steven and Jones, Kathleen
12/22/1992 Title III/Title IV Authorities Necessary for Full and Interim Title V Program Approval Region 4 Smith, Winston
08/11/1997 Implementation of Part 71 Programs at the Expiration of Part 70 Interim Approvals OAQPS Hitte, Steven
06/13/1996 Extension of Interim Approvals of Operating Permits Programs OAQPS Wegman, Lydia
07/07/1997 Identification of Provisions of EPA's Part 70 Operating Permits Regulation Applicable to Tribal Operating Permits Program Region 8 Long, Richard
06/12/1997 Response to Memo Regarding Clean Air Act Title III OAQPS Curran, Thomas
01/01/1997 Overview of Clean Air Title V Financial Management and Reporting: A Handbook for Financial Officers and Program Managers   Maryland Sea Grant College
12/01/1995 Title V Implementation Q & A; Region IX Region 9  
04/05/1996 Effect of Audit Immunity/Privilege Laws on State's Ability to Enforce Title V Requirements OAR, OECA Nichols, Mary and Herman, Steven
11/07/1995 White Paper To William Becker OAQPS Wegman, Lydia
10/06/1994 Section 112 (l) Delegations and Title V Permits OAQPS Blanchard, Karen
08/28/1994 Additional Guidance on Funding for State and Local Air Programs OAR Nichols, Mary
07/21/1994 Transition of Funding Portions of State and Local Air Programs with Permit Fees Rather than Federal Grants OAR Nichols, Mary
06/24/1994 Relationship Between the Part 70 Operating Permit Program and Section 112(r) OAQPS, CEPPO Seitz, John and Makris, Jim
04/08/1994 Air Quality Operating Permits Programs Which Apply to Tribal Lands OAQPS Cox, Kirt
01/26/1994 Operating Permit Program Approval Issues OAQPS Wegman, Lydia
12/10/1993 Straight Delegation Issues Concerning Sections 111 and 112 Requirements and Title V OAQPS Seitz, John
08/02/1993 Interim Title V Program Approvals OAQPS Seitz, John
07/07/1993 Questions and Answers on the Requirements of Operating Permits Program Regulations OAQPS  
06/30/1993 Model Implementation Agreement OAQPS  
06/01/1993 Model Attorney General's Opinion OAQPS Wegman, Lydia
05/14/1993 Operating Permits Program Review Process OAQPS Wegman, Lydia
04/13/1993 Title V Program Approval Criteria for Section 112 Activities OAQPS Seitz, John
02/25/1993 Developing Approvable State Enabling Legislation Required to Implement Title V OAQPS Seitz, John
10/26/2000 Representational Standing Region 3 Campbell, Bradley
03/28/1995 Update to Sanctions Policy for State Title V Operating Permits Programs OAQPS Seitz, John
03/15/1994 Sanctions Policy for State Title V Operating Permits Programs OAQPS Seitz, John
05/21/1991 Guidance To States On Authority Necessary To Implement The Operating Permits Program In Title V Of The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 OAR Rosenberg, William
03/17/1994 Policy on Title V Permit Program Data Elements OAQPS Seitz, John
08/16/2006 Semiannual Title V Permit Data Report (TOPS) and Instructions OAQPS Harnett, William

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