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New Source Review (NSR) Permitting

Limiting Potential to Emit (PTE) & Synthetic Minor Sources

Date Title EPA Office Author
01/31/2002 Whether Particulate Matter Collection Devices at OMG Apex Operations are Air Pollution Control Equipment or Process Equipment Region 8 Long, Richard
10/31/2014 Flares at the Steamboat Butte Operations Facility and E-5 Tank Battery are Used to Control Pollution and are Not Inherent to the Process Region 8 Daly, Carl
07/10/2002 Inherent Controls on Ready Mix Cement Silos OAQPS Harnett, William
11/27/1995 Criteria for Determining whether Equipment is Air Pollution Control Equipment or Process Equipment OAQPS Solomon, David
05/25/2018 Merit Energy Company, Circle Ridge Tank Battery, Synthetic Minor New Source Review Permit Application Region 8 Mathews-Morales, Monica
11/14/1995 Calculating Potential to Emit (PTE) and Other Guidance for Grain Handling Facilities OAQPS Seitz, John
06/13/1989 Guidance on Limiting Potential to Emit in New Source Permitting OECA, OAQPS Hunt, Terrell and Seitz, John
03/13/1986 Time Frames for Determining Applicability to NSR SSCD Reich, Edward
01/20/1984 Averaging Times for Compliance with VOC Emission Limits - SIP Revision Policy OAQPS O'Conner, John
04/08/1987 Clarification of New Source Review Policy on Averaging Times for Production Limitations OAQPS Seitz, John
02/24/1992 Use of Long-Term Rolling Averages to Limit Potential to Emit SSCD Rasnic, John
10/15/1993 Guidance for State Rules for Optional Federally-Enforceable Emissions Limits Based on Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Use OAQPS Berry, D. Kent
03/13/1992 Policy Determination on Limiting Potential to Emit for Koch Refining Company's Clean Fuels Project SSCD Rasnic, John
11/03/1993 Approaches to Creating Federally-Enforceable Emissions Limits OAQPS Seitz, John
01/25/1995 Guidance on Enforceability Requirements for Limiting Potential to Emit through SIP and Section 112 Rules and General Permits OECA Stein, Kathie
01/25/1995 Options for Limiting the Potential to Emit (PTE) of a Stationary Source Under Section 112 and Title V of the Clean Air Act (Act) OAQPS Seitz, John
01/22/1996 Release of Interim Policy on Federal Enforceability of Limitations on Potential to Emit OAQPS Seitz, John
12/07/2006 General Shale Brick, Inc. and Interaction Between MACT, PSD, and Major Nonattainment Review Region 5 Blakely, Pamela
12/18/1987 Resolving Nonattainment NSR Violations by Making Major Sources Minor Region 4 Miller, Bruce
01/22/1998 January 22, 1998 on Pro-Tec Region 5 Newton, Cheryl
01/03/2001 Recommendation on Whether 112(g) Applies to a Proposed Modification at New Flyer USA in St. Cloud, MN Region 5 Miller, Robert
03/24/1995 Response to Appeal on Behalf of Consolidation Coal Company Region 3 Spink, Marcia
04/14/1998 Potential to Emit (PTE) Guidance for Specific Source Categories OAQPS, OECA Seitz, John and Schaeffer, Eric
02/14/2006 Accounting for Emergency Generators in the Estimate of Potential to Emit Region 2 Riva, Steven
09/06/1995 Calculating Potential to Emit (PTE) for Emergency Generators OAQPS Seitz, John
06/27/2011 Applicability Determinations on the PSD 100 TPY Major Source Threshold Category for Fossil Fuel Boilers at Griffin Industries Region 4 Worley, Gregg
08/18/1978 Inherent Control - Hot-Mix Asphalt Industry OAQPS Bergman, Howard
12/23/1987 Opinion in U.S. vs. Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. D. Colo.; Interpreting Certain PSD Regulations OECA Adams Jr., Thomas
07/07/1980 PSD Applicability: Industrial Scrap Processing Company SSCD Reich, Edward
02/04/1988 Applicability of NSR Requirements to the Henkel Corporation SSCD Rasnic, John
08/22/1980 The Use of Permit Conditions to Define Potential to Emit OAQPS Rhoads, Richard
03/25/1980 PSD Permit Enforceability - Annual Fuel Limitations SSCD Reich, Edward
10/01/2003 Federal Aviation Administration Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Region 6 Donaldson, Guy
09/18/1992 Limitation of Potential to Emit with Respect to Title V Applicability Thresholds OAQPS Calcagni, John
08/27/1996 Extension of January 25, 1995 Potential to Emit Transition Policy OAQPS, OECA Seitz, John and Van Heuvelen, Robert
04/06/1987 Appropriate VOC Emission Limits for the Proposed Pilot Coating Equipment in Maplewood Region 5 Rothblatt, Stephen
05/16/1979 Applicability of the PSD Regulations to Powerplants that are Certified by DOE as "Peakload Power Plants" SSCD Reich, Edward
07/14/1992 3M Tape Manufacturing Division SSCD Rasnic, John
05/31/1995 Responses to Issues Raised by Industry on Clean Air Act Implementation Reform OAR Nichols, Mary
03/07/1999 Potential to Emit Transition Policy for Part 71 Implementation in Indian Country OAQPS, OAR Seitz, John and Schaeffer, Eric
11/02/1994 Federal Enforceability of State's Existing Minor New Source Review (NSR) Programs OAQPS Seitz, John
04/28/1982 Federal Enforceability under PSD OAR Bennett, Kathleen
04/14/1980 Federal Enforceability of Offsets in SIP Programs OAR Hawkins, David
03/31/1999 Federal Enforceability of Terms and Conditions in Preconstruction Permits OAQPS Seitz, John
04/16/1986 North Carolina Air Permits Federal Enforceability Region 4 Anderson, William
12/17/1985 Clarification Regarding Which Permits are Federally Enforceable Region 9 Rarick, Thomas
  Cumulative Environmental Impacts from Multiple Electric Generating Stations Region 3 McCabe, Michael
08/10/2001 Opinion on Whether Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Had Correctly Interpreted and Applied EPA's Nonattainment NSR Rules OAQPS Kellam, Robert and Harnett, William
09/22/2005 Bombardier Motor Company of America, Nonattainment Permit Applicability Determination Region 5 Blakely, Pamela
12/01/1986 Need for Emission Cap on Complex Netting Sources CPDD Tyler, Darryl
  Colorado's Proposed Short-Term Limits Policy Region 8 Long, Richard
03/11/1981 Summary of PSD Policy Determinations Made by Region IV Region 4 Devine, Thomas
05/05/1982 A.I. DuPont Institute PSD Permit SSCD Reich, Edward

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