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Pesticide Registration

Pesticide Submissions Portal (PSP) Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to access the PSP application?

To use the PSP application the following are required:

  • A valid e-mail account
  • A supported web browser with Java Script enabled and Pop-Up Blockers disabled
  • Internet access
  • CDX username and password

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What is CDX? How do I create a CDX account and register for PSP?

For information on the Central Data Exchange (CDX), visit the CDX Home Page.  For information  creating a CDX account and registering for PSP, please see the CDX User Guide.

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What Browsers Does PSP Support?

For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome to access the PSP application. However, the following browsers are supported:

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What If I already Have a CDX Account? Can I Add PSP to My Account?

Yes, instructions for adding PSP to an existing CDX account can be found in Section 6.2 of the OPP CDX Pesticide Submission Portal Registration User Guide 1.1.

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Is There a PSP User Guide?

Yes, please see the CDX Pesticide Submissions Portal (PSP) Registration User Guide Version 1.1 or OPP Pesticide Submission Portal (PSP) User Guide Version 1.2. The PSP User Guide can also be accessed at any time within PSP via the 'Help' tab within the application header.

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Why Aren't Icons Displaying Within PSP?

Internet Explorer may not display icons within PSP. Google Chrome is recommended for the best browsing experience. If you cannot use Chrome, please ensure that you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer or try Mozilla Firefox. 

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Why Does Nothing Happen When I press the ‘Validate’ Button in the Application Footer?

Please ensure that you disable your Pop-Up Blocker to receive the full functionality of the portal. 

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What Does ‘Documents for the Package’ and ‘Documents for the Application’ Within PSP Mean? What Are Package-Level and Application-Level Documents?

There are two main levels for which you can attach documents within PSP. The first is the Package Level. The ‘Documents for the Package’ screen allows you to attach documents that apply to your entire package. Examples of Package-Level Documents include: payment receipts, submission cover letters, and transmittal documents. You must attach at least one Package-Level Document to your package.

The second level is the application level. The ‘Documents for the Application’ screen allows you to attach documents that correspond to or support a particular application. Examples of Application-Level Documents include: forms, labels, and studies. At least one Application-Level Document is required for each application that you add to your package (you can attach multiple documents to support each application). 

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Are There Any Restrictions On the Types of Documents I Can Upload?

Yes. Empty files or files of zero size, duplicate file names, and .exe files are not allowed. All other file types are accepted.

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Is there a character limit on the file names within my package?

Yes, file names are limited to 200 characters. 

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How do I generate a root MRID? Can I still use roots that OPP provided?

For instructions on generating a root MRID, please refer to Section 4 of the OPP Pesticide Submissions Portal (PSP) User Guide. Yes, you can use previously provided MRID roots that have not been used previously. The ‘Generate Root MRIDs’ functionality within PSP gives users another method of obtaining root MRIDs.

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What does the ‘Batch Upload’ tab in the application header of PSP mean?

The batch upload functionality of PSP allows you to upload packages created using the e-Dossier Builder application or your company’s IT systems in the XML e-Submission format.

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How does the ‘Upload XML e-Submission Packages’ screen work?

For information on how to upload a package created using your company’s information technology (IT) systems in the XML e-Submission format, please refer to page 27 (Section 6.1) of the OPP Pesticide Submissions Portal (PSP) User Guide. This screen allows you to upload a package that was created using your company’s IT systems. Please note that this upload method is reserved for single-application submissions.

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How does the ‘Upload e-Dossier Builder Packages’ screen work?

For information on how to upload e-Dossier Builder packages, please refer Section 6.2 of the OPP Pesticide Submissions Portal (PSP) User Guide. Uploading a package that was created using e-Dossier Builder will allow you to validate and edit that package as if it was created using PSP. Information that was entered into your e-Dossier package will be transferred into PSP so that you may complete and submit the package.

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How do I generate a root master record identification number (MRID) in the Pesticide Submission Portal (PSP)?

To generate a root MRID, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the 'Generate Root MRIDs' option within the application header of PSP.
  2. Designate the desired number of root MRIDs via the text box next to 'Number of Root MRIDs'.
  3. Click the 'Generate Root MRIDs' button.
  4. The screen will darken and a spinning status wheel will display on the screen. The text will read 'Generating root MRIDs…'
  5. Generating root MRIDs may take several minutes, especially if many root MRIDs are requested. Please wait until the process is finished.
  6. After the system has generated the root MRIDs, the results will display on screen in a single column.
  7. After recording the MRIDs, you may click the 'Reset' button to generate more or click the 'Back' button to go to the PSP 'Home' screen.

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What can I do if the spinning status wheel never goes away? Why am I not able to see my generated results?

Being unable to view generated root MRIDs is a known issue caused by one of two scenarios:

  1. You are using Internet Explorer with Javascript disabled. Please enable Javascript or try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) for generating root MRIDs. Details on enabling Javascript through Internet Explorer are found below.
  2. You are using Internet Explorer 8 or below. Please note that only Internet Explorer 11 or above are supported in PSP. If possible, try updating your Internet Explorer version or use another browser. 

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How do I enable Javascript through Internet Explorer?

You can enable Javascript through Internet Explorer by following the steps below:

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen or the "Tools" menu if you have the menu bar enabled, then select "Internet Options".
  2. Select "Security" > "Internet" > "Custom level…"
  3. Scroll down to "Scripting" and select the radio button to "Enable"
  4. Select "OK", then "OK" again.

Please note that you may not have the requisite permissions to change the required setting. In this case, the best course of action would be to try another browser.

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Can I still use root MRIDs that I have obtained from OPP?

Yes, root MRIDs obtained from OPP can still be used. PSP provides an alternate method of generating and obtaining root MRIDs.

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How do I handle Legacy DCIs?

Active Legacy DCIs are all at the Submit Data stage in the CDX Portal. If a registrant has not made a 90 Day response for one of these Legacy DCIs then that response must be made via Paper Submission. All subsequent data submissions thereafter, may be made electronically via the Portal.

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Is there a character limit on file names?

Yes, there is a 200 character limit on file names. The portal performs validation to ensure that file names do not exceed this length.

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