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Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

Superfund Redevelopment Opportunity Sites

As part of the July 2017 Superfund Task Force Recommendations, EPA identified a list of Superfund National Priorities List sites with the greatest expected redevelopment and commercial potential. EPA developed this list to promote renewed focus on accelerating work and progress at all Superfund sites while working to successfully return Superfund sites to productive use in communities across the country. As EPA moves into the second year of the Superfund Task Force and beyond, EPA has used the lessons learned from this effort to expand support to more sites and broader redevelopment opportunities.

Check out our Redevelopment Story Map, an interactive tool that highlights Superfund Redevelopment Opportunity sites and helps promote revitalization. 

Screenshot of Superfund Redevelopment Opportunity Sites storymap

Superfund redevelopment has helped communities reclaim and reuse thousands of acres of formerly contaminated land. EPA believes these sites have significant redevelopment opportunties.

EPA will focus redevelopment training, tools and resources towards these sites and others as additional Superfund Redevelopment opportunities are identified. EPA will work with developers interested in reusing these and other Superfund sites; will identify potentially interested businesses and industries to keep them apprised of redevelopment opportunities; and will continue to engage with community groups in cleanup and redevelopment activities to promote the successful redevelopment and revitalization of their communities.

This is not a complete list, rather it easily directs interested developers and potential owners to Superfund sites where there are redevelopment opportunities and potential. The list is intended to be dynamic; sites will move on and off the list as appropriate.

EPA remains dedicated to addressing risks and accelerating progress at all Superfund sites, not just those where redevelopment opportunities have been identified. The Superfund Task Force Recommendations are aimed at expediting cleanup at all Superfund sites.  

As of January 17, 2018, the list is:

US EPA Superfund Task Force: Superfund Redevelopment Opportunity Sites - January 17, 2018
Site EPA Region City or County State NPL Status Site Area of Focus Current Site Use

Aerojet General Corp.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(2 pp, 356 K, About PDF)

9 Rancho Cordova California F Entire Site Industrial

Aircraft Components (D & L Sales)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(2 pp, 900 K)

5 Benton Harbor Michigan F Entire Site Golf Course

Allied Paper, Inc./Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 355 K)

5 Kalamazoo Michigan F Operable Unit 7 Public services, commercial

Armour Road

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 646 K)

7 North Kansas City Missouri F Entire Site Unused

Arrowhead Refinery Co.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 646 K)

5 Hermantown Minnesota F Entire Site Medical supply office, some storage facilities

BoRit Asbestos (aka BoRit)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 621 K)

3 Ambler Pennsylvania F Entire Site Site is three parcels; Park, Reservoir, and Pile. Reservoir parcel being reused as the Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve. Park and Pile parcels currently vacant.

Bunker Hill Mining & Metallurgical Complex

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 574 K)

10 Smelterville Idaho F Entire Site Public services, commercial, recreational, ecological, residential

Crater Resources Inc./Keystone Coke Co./Alan Wood Steel Co. (aka Crater Resources)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 670 K)

3 Upper Merion Township Pennsylvania F Entire Site Commercial business park

Eagle Mine

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 741 K)

8 Minturn Colorado F Entire Site Operable Unit 1: historical mining, Operable Unit 3: undeveloped

Florida Steel Corp.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(2 pp, 786 K)

4 Indiantown Florida F Entire Site Vacant

Frontier Hard Chrome, Inc.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 481 K)

10 Vancouver Washington F Entire Site Commercial building with parking currently under construction.

Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp - Columbus

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 512 K)

4 Columbus Mississippi F Entire Site Vacant

Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp - Jacksonville

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 738 K)

4 Jacksonville Florida F Entire Site Vacant

Koppers Co., Inc. (Charleston Plant)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 138K)

4 Charleston South Carolina F Entire Site Vacant

Libby Asbestos and Libby Groundwater Sites

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pp, 737 K)

8 Libby Montana F Operable Unit 5 of the Libby Asbestos Site and Libby Groundwater Site Industrial with some recreation

Many Diversified Interests, Inc. (aka MDI)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 450 K)

6 Houston Texas F Former Foundry Area Vacant

McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co. (Portland Plant)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 507 K)

10 Portland Oregon F Located within the Portland Harbor Superfund site Vacant, revegetated with native plant species that prevent erosion

Metal Bank

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pp, 573 K)

3 Philadelphia Pennsylvania F Entire Site Materials recovery/recycling

MGM Brakes

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 272 K)

9 Cloverdale California F Entire Site Industrial

New Bedford (aka New Bedford Harbor)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 560 K)

1 New Bedford Massachusetts F Entire Site Commercial fishing port

Operating Industries Inc. Landfill

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 606 K)

9 Monterey Park California F Entire Site Industrial

Peoples Natural Gas Co.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 590 K)

7 Dubuque Iowa F Entire Site City equipment storage/Unused

Pepper Steel & Alloys, Inc.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pp, 478 K)

4 Medley Florida F Entire Site Vacant

Quendall Terminal

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 798 K)

10 Renton Washington F Entire Site Vacant

Raymark Industries, Inc. (aka Raymark Industries)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 599 K)

1 Stratford Connecticut F Entire Site Vacant

Roebling Steel Co.

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 788 K)

2 Florence New Jersey F Entire Site Inactive and parcels in reuse

Sanford Dry Cleaners

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 711 K)

4 Sanford Florida F 121 S Palmetto Avenue Parcel Vacant Building

Sharon Steel Corp. (Midvale Tailings)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 532 K)

8 Midvale Utah D Adjacent to Midvale Slag

Operable Unit 1: vacant with recreational along Jordan River,
Operable Unit 2: residential

St. Louis River Site

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pp, 544 K)

5 St. Louis County Minnesota F St. Louis River/Interlake/Duluth Tar Light industry, manufacturing, materials, wetlands

U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery, Inc. (aka USS Lead)

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 944 K)

5 East Chicago Indiana F Zone 1 (Operable Unit 1) Public housing complex

US Finishing/Cone Mills

Redevelopment Fact Sheet (PDF)(1 pg, 566 K)

4 Greenville South Carolina F Entire Site Vacant/Abandoned Building

NPL Status Codes
F = Final on the NPL
D = Deleted from the NPL

In May 2017, EPA established a task force to restore the Superfund program to its rightful place at the center of the Agency's core mission to protect health and environment.